Slides 2013

25 October 2013

Ignacio M. Llorente: Welcome talk unleashing the future of open-source enterprise cloud computing

Keynote: Steve Timm: Enabling Scientific Workflows on FermiCloud using OpenNebula

Carlo Daffara: Making Clouds: Turning OpenNebula into a Product

Simon Boulet: Monitoring Large-scale Cloud Infrastructures with OpenNebula

Yvon Jegou: Contrail Virtual Execution Platform

Nils Magnus: Top Ten Security Considerations when Setting up your OpenNebula Cloud

Bernd Erk: OpenNebula in a Multi-Customer-Environment

26 October 2013

Keynote: Jordi Farrés: Opening the Path to Technical Excellence

Keynote: Karanbir Singh_ CentOS and OpenNebula, a Perfect Match

Florian Heigl: Monitoring of OpenNebula installations

Jordi Guijarro: Community Clouds from Scratch

Maxence Dunnewind: How Can OpenNebula Fit Your Needs: A European Project Feedback

Ander Astudillo: High Performance Computing Cloud at SURFsara: Experiences with OpenNebula 3.x

Joel Merrick: Adventures in Research

Boris Parak: rOCCI – Providing Interoperability through OCCI 1.1 Support for OpenNebula