Slides – 2014

State and Future of OpenNebula by Ignacio M. Llorente


Puppet and OpenNebula by David Lutterkort


OpenNebula and MooseFS for disaster recovery: real clouds in real life by Carlo Daffara


Lightning talk: OpenNebula Puppet Module by Norman Messtorff


Lightning talk: Managing Docker Containers with OpenNebula by Marco Mancini


Building Hybrid Cloud Federated Environments with OpenNebula – Tino Vazquez


Geo distributed datacenter: the DNS way by Alberto Zuin


The rOCCI project – a year later – alias OpenNebula in the EGI Federated Cloud by Boris Parák


CentOS, QA an OpenNebula by Christoph Galuschka


Expanding OpenNebula´s support for Cloud Bursting – Emmanuel Mathot


OpenNebula as alternative to commercial virtualization products by Armin Deliomini


OpenNebula at Cenatic by Jose Angel Diaz Diaz


From private cloud to laaS public services for Catalan R & E community by Jordi Guijarro


ONE BIT to rule them all by Stefan Kooman


Understanding the OpenNebula Model for Cloud Provisioning by Ruben S. Montero


Practical experiences with OpenNebula for cloudifying a SaaS by Tim Verhoeven


Lightning talk: Proactive Autonomic Management Features in OpenNebula by Daniel Molina


Lightning talk: OpenNebula at Etnetera by Jan Horacek


Lightning talk: Managing a Scientific Computing Facility with OpenNebula by Sara Valero


Lightning talk: Cloud in a box – Megam by Varadarajan Narayanan


Lightning talk: A brief introduction to Cloud Catalyst by Carlos Martin


Deploying OpenNebula in a Snap using Configuration Management Tools by Choon Ming Goh


Bootstrapping a virtual infrastructure using OpenNebula from scratch by Arnold Bechtoldt


Cloud Automation for OpenNebula by Kishorekumar Neelamegam


OpenNebula as Open Replacement of vCloud by Javier Fontan


Using Ceph to provide scalable storage for OpenNebula by John Spray


Dynamic virtual private clusters with OpenNebula and SGE by Lykle Voort