Expanding OpenNebula´s support for Cloud Bursting: Hybrid Cloud strategy for Terradue´s Cloud Platform users

The OpenNebula technology has proven being a robust and evolvable technical environment to support effective way of deploying our Hybrid Cloud strategy for Terradue’s Cloud Platform users.

The platform currently runs several solutions for Earth Sciences Researchers: Developer Cloud Sandboxes for scalable scientific processors integration, Virtual Archives federating distributed data repositories, Data Challenges for Earth Observation contests, and Digital Marketplaces for reproducible scientific experiments.
OpenNebula is also powering our Cloud development environment, that has been enhanced during the past year. Terradue’s Cloud development environment is both our laboratory to test the latest developments from OpenNebula, especially for the integration of our own OpenNebula extensions, and our Engineering team facility to provision servers supporting project-based software developments. OpenNebula provides the virtualization and management of hardware clusters, that we rent from commercial ‘bare-metal’ providers.

We have recently further developed several specific drivers for Multi-Cloud bursting, in order to provision virtual machines over public commercial clouds.
When their processor integration and validation phase concludes, our researcher users can seamlessly burst their applications at scale, leveraging OpenNebula drivers for on-demand processing tasks.