Hands on Tutorial

The course covers the process of installing, configuring and operating private, public and hybrid clouds using OpenNebula. Additionally the program briefly addresses the integration of OpenNebula with other components in the data center. The target audience is devops and system administrators interested in deploying a private cloud solution, or in the integration of OpenNebula with other platform.

– Skills Gained
Describe the features and benefits of using virtualization and clouds Describe different architectures for a cloud that can be deployed with OpenNebula Deployment and basic configuration OpenNebula Basic operation of an OpenNebula cloud instance

– Prerequisites
No prior OpenNebula skills are required, but participants should have working knowledge of virtualization, networking and Unix/Linux systems.

– Material
The workshop includes hands-on exercises to be performed using attendee’s wifi-enabled laptops with VirtualBox installed. The attendees will build, configure and operate their own OpenNebula cloud.

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