OpenNebula and MooseFS for disaster recovery: real clouds in real life

In this talk I will present an overview of what is disaster recovery, its main organizational and technical aspects and how we solved the problem of DR for many companies using a combination of OpenNebula, MooseFS and lots of duct tape. Going in detail, the presentation will show how to realistically estimate your recovery time objective (RTO) and the other essential parameters like RPO depending on your company structure and requirements; how to create a reliable, self-managing infrastructure using OpenNebuia and the MooseFS/LizardFS distributed filesystems, how to efficiently perform geographic disaster recovery (including differential and deduplicating snapshots) and the additions and changes we made to OpenNebula to help in performing remote management and support. Some specific real-life disasters will be examined, along with some hardware tools designed to help – like the portable cloud or the bomb-proof server rack.