Puppet and OpenNebula

Many facets of using an IaaS cloud like OpenNebula can be greatly
simplified by using a configuration management tool such as Puppet. This
includes the management of hosts as well as the management of cloud
resources such as virtual machines and networks. Of course, Puppet can also
play an important role in the management of the actual workload of virtual
machine instances. Besides using it in the traditional, purely agent-based
way, it is also possible to use Puppet during the building of machine
images. This serves two purposes: firstly, it speeds up the initial Puppet
run when an instance is launched off that image, sometimes quite
dramatically. Secondly, it supports operating immutable infrastructure
without losing Puppet’s benefits to organize and simplify the description
of the entire infrastructure.

This talk will show how Puppet can be used by adminsitrators to manage
OpenNebula hosts, and by users to manage their infrastructure as well as
how to use Puppet during image builds.