China Mobile’s Zhihong Zhang Announced as Keynote Speaker

Zhihong Zhang is Software and Solution Architect for China Mobile Research Institute. He has been with China Mobile Cloud department for five years leading the development team in the Elastic Computing project.

Mr. Zhihong Zhang will give a keynote entitled “OpenNebula at China Mobile”. We chose OpenNebula as China Mobile Big Cloud’s core component to manage and schedule the virtualization infrastructure in 2009. Since then, we are glad to see OpenNebula to be more full-fledged each day. Now Opennebula has been used both in China Mobile’s private cloud and ready to provide public service. In the presentation, we like to introduce our experiences and contributions to OpenNebula community.


  1. […] Zhihong Zhang, China Mobile, will speak about OpenNebula at China Mobile […]

  2. […] Zhihong Zhang, China Mobile, will speak about “OpenNebula at China Mobile” […]

  3. […] Zhihong Zhang, China Mobile, will speak about “OpenNebula at China Mobile” […]

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