Deutsche Post E-Post’s André von Deetzen Announced as Keynote Speaker

André von Deetzen is a Principal Engineer at Deutsche Post E-Post Development. He is mainly a software engineer / craftsman with a strong foundation in system engineering with more than ten years work experience. Together with his team he is building the next generation deployment pipeline where all new products are based on and can push deliverables to production in less than 30 minutes. André talks about architecture, dev, ops, shipping things and how to tear down walls between departments to focus on our customers.

Mr. André von Deetzen will give a keynote entitled “Improve! Every day!”. The past few years were hard for the roles of software developers, system engineers, QA engineers or even managers! There is an ongoing shift from traditional IT departments towards organization where all this people sit in one room next to each other and build one strong team. Release cycles cut down from every 6 months to several times a day. Even worse for a traditional IT: product development teams want to deploy several times a day!. Some might say: not feasible. Here are some learnings on transforming an organization towards an agile / lean organization where such things are possible. A story full of risks, business continuity management and people who like or do not like to change.


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