Free OpenNebula Tutorial at OpenNebulaConf 2013

There are multiple goodies packed with the OpenNebula Conf 2013 registration. Lightning talks, meeting OpenNebula users and developers, high-quality keynote speakers are some of the treats you are in for if you are attending the conference.

One of the major benefits is the possibility to attend an OpenNebula tutorial the day before of the conference. This 3-hour tutorial is included in the registration, so everyone is welcome to attend it on Tuesday 24th at 02:00pm. The tutorial is intended for devops and system administrators interested in deploying a private cloud solution, or in the integration of OpenNebula with other platforms.

The contents will cover an introduction to cloud computing, a vision of the architecture of the cloud, planning and installing OpenNebula as well as configuration and basic usage. The needed material is a laptop with VirtualBox installed, where throughout the tutorial a proof of concept cloud will be deployed. Attendees will gain knowledge of the different architectures for a cloud that can be deployed with OpenNebula, and also will learn how to deploy and configure their favourite CMP as well as how to operate it.

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