Last Opportunity to Contribute to OpenNebulaConf: Lightning Talks Still Available!

As you may know, the lineup and agenda for the second OpenNebula Conference (due this 2-4 December in Berlin) are already closed. These high quality contents ensure that the conference is the perfect place to learn about Cloud Computing, and to understand how industry leaders of different sectors are using OpenNebula in their datacenters.

There is however still a chance to contribute to the conference. The lightning talks are 5 minute plenary presentations focusing on one key point. This can be a new project, product, feature, integration, experience, use case, collaboration invitation, quick tip, or demonstration. This session is an opportunity for ideas to get the attention they deserve. Remember the rules:

  • Five minutes and only five minutes
  • Three slides and only three slides
  • Focus on only one key point: use case, experience, new feature, demo…

We have two 30-minute sessions for lightning talks and there are still slots available, so now is the time to register and send us your proposal!

Shaping the Future of Cloud Computing

OpenNebulaConf 2013

As stated by the European Commission, OpenNebula has played an important role in driving and supporting the transition to cloud computing. We are convinced that OpenNebula is going to have a significant weight in modelling the data center of the future, and the high quality list of speakers of the OpenNebula Conference 2013 seems to agree with us.

The Conference, to be held in Berlin in September, 24-26, is just a week away. This is the perfect place to learn about practical cloud computing, useful for researchers, developers, administrators, integrators, architects, executives and IT managers tackle their computational and business challenges.

Registration is closing soon, but if this appeals to you, there are still a few seats left. Don’t waste another second and register now!



Want to Learn about Cloud Computing?

Do you want to know what the fuzz is all about? Not really know about Cloud Computing but eager to find out? Well, look no further. The first OpenNebula Conference, to be held in Berlin in September, 24-26, is the perfect place to learn about practical cloud computing, useful for users, researchers, developers,  administrators, integrators, architects, executives and IT managers tackle their computational and business challenges.

This conference is highly valuable for those who want to understand and benefit from this massive trend of mainstream , with speakers covering topics from different technical ranges, from the birds eye view of Cloud Computing as a deep change in IT (and all the risks that changing involves!) to very specialised and technical talks covering tricky technical details. So, whether you are a tech layman or a devop hack guy, this is the right spot if you are interested or into Cloud Computing.

The contents are broad, ensuring a richness of different profiles, which will make attending the conference an awesome experience if you are interested in the business model of the cloud, in finding the cloud strategy that’s right for your infrastructure and enterprise, in the integration between different data center components or even if you just to know what on earth is going on with all this cloud madness. Come in for a treat!

The conference is a must attend for every person who wants to:

  • Build, configure and operate your own cloud
  • Hear cloud experts from leading companies
  • Gather actionable and thought-provoking ideas from real hands-on experiences, industry case studies and deployment experiences
  • Gain practical insight and knowledge from organizations building and running production cloud infrastructures
  • Network with peers and discuss about latest cloud technology updates and features

We look forward to your participation!



Free OpenNebula Tutorial at OpenNebulaConf 2013

There are multiple goodies packed with the OpenNebula Conf 2013 registration. Lightning talks, meeting OpenNebula users and developers, high-quality keynote speakers are some of the treats you are in for if you are attending the conference.

One of the major benefits is the possibility to attend an OpenNebula tutorial the day before of the conference. This 3-hour tutorial is included in the registration, so everyone is welcome to attend it on Tuesday 24th at 02:00pm. The tutorial is intended for devops and system administrators interested in deploying a private cloud solution, or in the integration of OpenNebula with other platforms.

The contents will cover an introduction to cloud computing, a vision of the architecture of the cloud, planning and installing OpenNebula as well as configuration and basic usage. The needed material is a laptop with VirtualBox installed, where throughout the tutorial a proof of concept cloud will be deployed. Attendees will gain knowledge of the different architectures for a cloud that can be deployed with OpenNebula, and also will learn how to deploy and configure their favourite CMP as well as how to operate it.

Looking to deepen your knowledge in OpenNebula?. Register now.

Final Speaker Line-up and Schedule

The OpenNebula Conference is proud to announce the final line-up of speakers and the schedule for 2013.

We had a big response to the call for proposals. Thanks for submitting a talk proposal!. Although all submissions were of very high quality and merit, only a small amount of abstracts will be presented. The Lightning Talk Session provides a new opportunity to submit presentation proposals.

Do not forget to register as soon as possible since the number of places is limited. There is still time to take advantage of our early registration offer, which expires at the end of June. You can also take advantage of the available sponsorship opportunities which are a great chance to present your company with the leading open source datacenter virtualization solution.

Keynote Speakers

Sessions about User Experiences and Case Studies

Session about Integration with other Cloud Tools

Session about Interoperability and HPC Clouds

Session for Community Discussion and Involvement

  • Hands-on Tutorial: Build, configure and operate your own OpenNebula cloud
  • Hacking Sessions: Meet face to face to discuss development, coordinate, write code and collaborate with other developers
  • Open Spaces: Discuss passionate questions, burning ideas, features, integrations or any topic of your choice
  • Lightning Talks: Present your feature, integration, experience, use case, collaboration invitation, quick tip, or demonstration in five minutes

We are Looking Forward to Welcoming you Personally in Berlin!

Deutsche Post E-Post’s André von Deetzen Announced as Keynote Speaker

André von Deetzen is a Principal Engineer at Deutsche Post E-Post Development. He is mainly a software engineer / craftsman with a strong foundation in system engineering with more than ten years work experience. Together with his team he is building the next generation deployment pipeline where all new products are based on and can push deliverables to production in less than 30 minutes. André talks about architecture, dev, ops, shipping things and how to tear down walls between departments to focus on our customers.

Mr. André von Deetzen will give a keynote entitled “Improve! Every day!”. The past few years were hard for the roles of software developers, system engineers, QA engineers or even managers! There is an ongoing shift from traditional IT departments towards organization where all this people sit in one room next to each other and build one strong team. Release cycles cut down from every 6 months to several times a day. Even worse for a traditional IT: product development teams want to deploy several times a day!. Some might say: not feasible. Here are some learnings on transforming an organization towards an agile / lean organization where such things are possible. A story full of risks, business continuity management and people who like or do not like to change.

European Space Agency’s Jordi Farrés Announced as Keynote Speaker

Jordi Farrés is Service Manager at the European Space Agency (ESA), being responsible for ESA’s grid processing infrastructure and related SciOps and for technology evolution projects in the Earth Observation Ground Segment Engineering Division. He has been also responsible for ESA corporation business applications in Finance, Procurement and Human Resources and Facility Management. Dr. Farres received his M.S. in Computer Science from UPC and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh.

Dr. Farrés will give a keynote entitled “Opening the Path to Technical Excellence”.

CentOS’ Karanbir Singh Announced as Keynote Speaker

Karanbir Singh is a London based sysadmin working in the web operations and large scale linux systems architecture domains, and since 2009 has been the Project Leader for The CentOS Project. An old hat Devops proponent, he’s a bit believer in high precision monitoring, aggressive automation and business centric operations.

Mr. Karanbir Singh will give a keynote entitled “CentOS and OpenNebula, a Perfect Match”. OpenNebula is a great cloud orchestration and management tool, characterised by its flexibility, durability and focused feature matrix. A feature matrix that is driven largely by real world problem scenarios and real world feedback: something that has been the focus of CentOS Project as well. From large scale deployment automation to patch management and state control, the CentOS Project aims to solve real world problems faced by the people who run infrastructure: The Sysadmins administrators and operations teams. During this talk, I will share why OpenNebula and CentOS Linux are a perfect match and go into some user stories that demonstrate this relationships success in real world scenarios.

Produban (Santander Group) Daniel Concepción Announced as Keynote Speaker

Daniel Concepción is IT Managing Director at Produban, a company of Santander Group that provides IT Infrastructure services. He is delivering the roadmap in the converged infrastructure and business architectures, ensuring the reduction of the operational risk and increasing the quality and efficiency of mission critical services. He has over 12 years of international experience in the Information Technology industry, having led several International IT Transformation Projects.

Mr. Concepción will give a keynote entitled “Discovering the Bumpy Road to the Cloud”.

China Mobile’s Zhihong Zhang Announced as Keynote Speaker

Zhihong Zhang is Software and Solution Architect for China Mobile Research Institute. He has been with China Mobile Cloud department for five years leading the development team in the Elastic Computing project.

Mr. Zhihong Zhang will give a keynote entitled “OpenNebula at China Mobile”. We chose OpenNebula as China Mobile Big Cloud’s core component to manage and schedule the virtualization infrastructure in 2009. Since then, we are glad to see OpenNebula to be more full-fledged each day. Now Opennebula has been used both in China Mobile’s private cloud and ready to provide public service. In the presentation, we like to introduce our experiences and contributions to OpenNebula community.