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About the Conference

The OpenNebula Conf will serve as a meeting point for OpenNebula cloud users, developers, administrators, builders, integrators and researchers and a unique opportunity for discussion and collaboration with other projects. This event is all about enabling the next generation platform for enterprise cloud computing and data center virtualization, and will focus on:

  • Discussing the latest technology updates, roadmap, and features
  • Supporting the developers community
  • Presenting use cases and deployment experiences
  • Introducing new integrations and ecosystem developments
  • Collaborating with other open-source projects and communities

The OpenNebula Project is an open-source project delivering the most feature-rich, customizable and open solution to build enterprise clouds and virtualized data centers.

With thousands of deployments worldwide, OpenNebula has a very wide user base that includes leading companies in banking, technology, telecom and hosting, and research and supercomputing centers.


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