Christoph Galuschka


My name is Christoph Galuschka – tigalch on IRC and in the fora – and I’m part of the CentOS QA team. I’m from Innsbruck, Austria, 36 years old and I’m working for a local utility company in their IT operations department. My responsibilities include the Linux Operating Systems (mainly CentOS and SLES), VMware, everything VPN and firewall-related, the companywide internet access including security, and operating the company network. Previously to that I was working for an IT consulting company, which also operated its own WAN network to interconnect various customers. Apart from consulting I also handled most of the network related things (FrameRelay, ISDN- and ADSL-dialup, running internet related services like bind, apache, sendmail and the corporate firewall). As we also provided internet access and related services to our customers, we used Linux as the OS of choice for our servers. At was Slackware at that time, and OpenSuSE later