Speakers 2014


Stefan Koomann

Stefan Kooman is a Senior Unix/Linux Engineer at BIT B.V. in Ede, the Netherlands. He has an acadamic background in geo-hydrology and Near-Surface Geophysics (Wageningen University). He has a brought interest in everything IT, but storage and virtualisation in specific, using hypervisors since Xen 2.0. When the decision was made to go with OpenNebula he set up both the Public Cloud (customers) and the Private Cloud for BIT hosted services.

Alberto Zuin

Alberto Zuin is a Linux System consultant for small ISP in Italy and he started using OpenNebula in 2011 when he made his first cloud infrastructure. At the moment he is the “tech-man” of an Italian Cloud Provider (ongrid.it) and he manages about other 10 small cloud infrastructure… all with OpenNebula.

Ignacio M. Llorente

Ignacio M. Llorente, Ph.D and MBA, is Director of the OpenNebula Project and CEO & co-founder at C12G Labs. He is an entrepreneur and researcher in the field of cloud and distributed computing, having managed several international projects and initiatives on Cloud Computing, and authored many articles in the leading journals and proceedings books. Dr. Llorente is one of the pioneers and world’s leading authorities on Cloud Computing, having held several appointments as independent expert and consultant for the European Commission and several companies and national governments. Llorente holds a Ph.D in Computer Science (UCM) and an Executive MBA (IE Business School), and is also a Full Professor at UCM.

Armin Deliomini

Armin Deliomini

Armin Deliomini works as linux / virtualization / database engineer at Runtastic that startet his way on the very commercial side with mainly VMware and Oracle and over time evolved to use opensource products only. In the beginning of 2013 he started to plan and implement a private infrastructure for the Runtastic ecosystem with more than 40 000 000 registered users.

Dr. Constantino Vazquez Blanco

Dr. Constantino Vázquez, PhD in Computer Science (Complutense University Madrid) is Senior Infrastructure Architect and Head of Research Projects at C12G Labs. He has a broad professional experience, starting with his entrance in 2003 in Altien Solutions Ltd, aLondon company delivering state of the art web technologies, moved in 2005 to British Telecom, where he was in charge of the development of a concurrent SMS delivery platform, joined in 2006 the Distributed Systems Architecture Group at UCM and co-founded C12G Labs, which he joined in 2013. He is a major contributor of the OpenNebula Project and has participated in several flagship EU research cloud projects.

Jaime Melis Bayo

Jaime Melis Bayo

Jaime Melis is Senior Infrastructure Architect and Advanced Solutions Engineer at C12G Labs. He has a broad professional experience, starting with his entrance in 2007 as a system administrator in the Theoretical Physics department in the UAM. He joined ATOS Origin in 2008 as system administrator and developer while working as part-time web developer for ACI.es. In 2009 he joined the Distributed Systems Architecture Group at UCM to work in the OpenNebula Project.

Javier Fontan Muíños

Javier Fontan Muíños

Javier Fontán works as a developer and Advanced Solutions Engineer at C12G Labs where he is a co-founder. He is one of the original developers of OpenNebula where he works mainly with driver integration and tools. The first contact with the industry was as a systems technician in the Supercomputing Center of Galicia managing a wide range of computer systems and later using virtualization to consolidate some of the services provided. Afterwards he worked as a researcher in the Distributed Systems and Architecture group at Complutense University where he focused mainly in Grid Computing and Virtualization. While a researcher he participated in several important European Projects. When he is not fixing bugs or helping users he can be found tinkering with new technologies or hearing strange music.

David Lutterkort

David is a principal engineer at Puppet Labs and the technical lead for Puppet Labs’ development of Razor. Before joining Puppet Labs, David worked at Red Hat on a variety of management tools and served as the maintainer of Apache Deltacloud. He was one of the earliest contributors to Puppet, and is the main author of the Augeas configuration management tool.

Jose Angel Diaz Diaz

Jose Angel Diaz Diaz

Jose Angel Diaz works as Head of ICT Systems at CENATIC. He work as DevOp and Sysadmin and manage all the systems in the CENATIC Foundation. He have been involved in free software developement since lastest 90 and is the actual President of GNOME HIspano Asociation. He have worked on the gnu/LinEx team and have make some contributions to international open source projects.

Jordi Guijarro

Jordi Guijarro, ICT Operations and Security Manager at CSUC (formerly known CESCA), obtained his Bachelor in Computer Engineering at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) and his Bachelor in Systems Technical Engineering at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB). Infrastructure and systems architect specializing in virtualization, cloud computing and cybersecurity, with more than 10 years of experience in areas related to Computer Systems starting his career as a Systems Technician in the private sector. From 2001 he has worked for UAB and UOC Computer Services as a Systems Engineer and as an ICT infrastructure analyst respectively. He also combines his work at CSUC with the participation in some research European projects in Cloud Computing technologies and energy efficiency as main conductors, and also collaborates with UOC as a Consultant on the Master of Free Software (Linux Administration Programme).

Alberto Picon Couselo

Alberto Picon Couselo is a Telecommunication Engineer specialised in Telematics, an IT professional with more than 10 years of experience on analysis, integration and deployment of Open Source based projects.

In 2004, founded Picon Networks, an IT Consultant Company specialized in large IT deployment and integration solutions for SOHO environments, based in a wide variety of OpenSource software projects.

Since 2012, is CIO and co-founder of TodoenCloud, an ISP Cloud provider, focused in providing highly customised, elastic and complex cloud scenarios through OpenSource software integration. Todoencloud is using and deploying Opennebula from the very beginning as the core of its cloud management software.”

Boris Parák

Boris Parak is the lead developer in the rOCCI project with numerous major commits and principal author of the rOCCI-server and rOCCI-cli. He is also a system administrator and a member of the team responsible for designing, building, developing and maintaining CESNET’s private HPC cloud — MetaCloud, as well as a member of the EGI Federated Cloud Task Force on behalf of CESNET, currently acting as the task leader for Virtual Machine Management.

Emmanuel Mathot

Emmanuel Mathot has a Computer Science master degree and over six years of experience as Project Engineer in the space industry. He started his career as a consultant for the European Space Agency in GRID systems applied to Earth observation applications. He is now the technical leader at Terradue Srl, in charge of the cloud computing and infrastructure projects sustaining the company’s PaaS and SaaS offering.

Ruben S. Montero

Ruben S. Montero, Ph.D, is Chief Architect of the OpenNebula Project and CTO & co-founder at C12G Labs. He has strong expertise in resource provisioning models for distributed systems and cloud computing, in particular resource management and scheduling, distributed management of virtual machines, and inter-operation of cloud infrastructures. Montero holds a Ph.D in Computer Science (UCM) and is also an Associated Professor at UCM.

Tim Verhoeven

Tim Verhoeven is been involved in IT Infrastructure for more then
10 years and in these years gathered experience with Linux, networking, servers, storage and the tools and processes to deploy, manage and monitor these infrastructures. He currently works for Deloitte Consulting in Belgium as the lead architect for a Business Intelligence and Analytics SaaS cloud platform.

Christoph Galuschka

Christoph Galuschka

My name is Christoph Galuschka – tigalch on IRC and in the fora – and I’m part of the CentOS QA team. I’m from Innsbruck, Austria, 36 years old and I’m working for a local utility company in their IT operations department. My responsibilities include the Linux Operating Systems (mainly CentOS and SLES), VMware, everything VPN and firewall-related, the companywide internet access including security, and operating the company network. Previously to that I was working for an IT consulting company, which also operated its own WAN network to interconnect various customers. Apart from consulting I also handled most of the network related things (FrameRelay, ISDN- and ADSL-dialup, running internet related services like bind, apache, sendmail and the corporate firewall). As we also provided internet access and related services to our customers, we used Linux as the OS of choice for our servers. At was Slackware at that time, and OpenSuSE later

Lykle Voort

Lykle Voort has been an advisor and developer for SURFsara for 4 years, after working in hydrodynamic software development. Having been involved with SURFsara’s first cloud deployment, he has supported scientists in various fields, with custom software and solutions, which very often include OpenNebula.

Kishorekumar Neelamegam

CTO, Megam Systems :
Kishore works with the engineering team in building the open source product with a future focussed cloud technical strategy for “Megam – Cloud Automation Platform “http://gomegam.com”. In his prior incarnation Kishore has worked as an Architect in complex system integration projects for Airport systems with high availability. Kishore has avid experience in architecting large scale build and packaging tools for mainframe platform integrated via thin clients and eclipse IDE.

Choon Ming Goh

Choon Ming works for OlinData where he is the principal engineer and deliver trainings in Puppet all over Asia Pacific region. Choon Ming conducts research and implements new and upcoming technologies in the company. He has been working on Puppet and systems administration since 2010. Choon Ming begun his career as a systems administrator and backend programmer of OnApp Malaysia (formerly known as Aflexi) a company that builds CDN software. Despite his hectic travel schedule, you can always find him wherever there is good food, music and beer.

Arnold Bechtoldt

Arnold is a Linux-Systems engineer at inovex GmbH working in exciting projects with great open source software and is involved in building automated infrastructure management setups running complex applications. He is also contributing to various open source projects and is a passionate computer scientist.

Carlo Daffara

Carlo Daffara the Technical director of Cloudweavers, and formerly head of research and development at Conecta, a consulting firm specializing in open source systems and distributed computing; Italian member of the European Working Group on Libre Software and co-coordinator of the working group on SMEs of the EU ICT task force on competitiveness. Since 1999, works as evaluator for IST programme submissions in the field of component-based software engineering, GRIDs and international cooperation. Coordinator of the open source platforms technical area of the IEEE technical committee on scalable computing, co-chair of the SIENA EU cloud initiative roadmap editorial board and part of the editorial review board of the International Journal of Open Source Software & Processes (IJOSSP).

John Spray

John Spray

John Spray is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat. He has spent the past several years building management and monitoring software for distributed storage systems, and currently works on the filesystem component of Ceph. John is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Norman Messtorff

Deutsche Post E-POST Development GmbH, Berlin/Germany
As Operations Engineer Norman is responsible for faultless operations of the services at Deutsche Post E-Post. His daily work with a close contact between development and operations includes the continuous improvement of deployment methods.