Understanding the OpenNebula Model for Cloud Provisioning

OpenNebula’s quest for simplicity touches every aspect of the software,and one of the greater effort has been put into the provisioning model. A smooth experience for users entails a proper design of the concepts, ironing out the flow of day to day operations, as well as proper tools for the administrators to manage its cloud.
For this reason, OpenNebula features Virtual Datacenters (vDCs), which are containers for the execution of virtual machines, as well as a way of hiding physical resources from group members. Three actors are identified in this model: the cloud administrator, the vDC administrator and the end user. In this talk we will see how this vDCs are created, how physical resources are associated to them and administrators of the vDCs are managed and given permissions. All this topped with an excellent interface, the Cloud View, adapted for each of the actors.


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