Providing the Foundation of the Cloud

Just one day left of the OpenNebula Conference, it is a good time to summarise the feelings gathered in the hectic last couple of days.

The Conference could not start better than it did with a vibrant Hacking Session, where lots of feedback were conveyed to the OpenNebula developers. Also, the OpenNebula tutorial went as smooth as it gets with a great, knowledge hungry attendees.

Yesterday a bigger portion of the pie was served with a great combo of keynotes. Amazing use cases where masterly portrayed in keynotes by Daniel Concepción from Produban – Santander Group, Thomas Higdon from Akamai and Steven Timm from FermiLab. It is very refreshing to hear how OpenNebula is being use in large scale production environments. A myriad of great talks where given afterwards by people coming from different backgrounds, but one common goal: creating IaaS that work.

All in all, a very good atmosphere is being breath by all the participant of the conference. Interesting, techie chats are being held all over the place in small groups, where people explain how do they use OpenNebula in their infrastructures to build the IaaS layer that they want, not the one that the Cloud Management Platform imposes. That is the great thing about OpenNebula’s modular architecture.

There is not praising big enough to thank the NetWays people to organise so expertly this first OpenNebulaConf. From the amazing food to the great dinner venue, they created the ideal environment so OpenNebula enthusiasts can forget about logistics and concentrate on sharing their particular but thankfully transferable knowledge.

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